Men’s Herbal Bath Powder


  • Maintained skin moisture.
  • Herbo bath maintains like deodorant.
  • Your face and body skin get young and Smooth.
  • It’s the best anti-biotic for the body.
  • No way for pimples and Hot boils in the body.
  • Skin shrinking & Skin Crangle never happens.
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How to use:
Pick a(one full spoon) spoon of “HerBovia Bath Powder” and mix with water like a paste. We recommend leaving as is almost “Ten” minutes for reacting herbals mash. Then you start massage casually and gently. Get a shower before you move out, you look so fresh and healthy.

Special attention avoids soap:
Avoiding soap is leave your skin as nature. Using herbals your skin tone will be naturally young forever. Sure, we stop the skin decease, skin wrinkles, Aged look for avoiding soap.

This is all overcome by herbals naturally.

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