Hair Dye Indigo Powder

674.00 357.00

  • These gives a nice dark color and keeps you safe from allergies.
  • These powders stop the color changing for all genders.
  • Also gives good nutrition, Dark color, and Soft and Smooth for your Valuable hair.
  • Mainly there is no Hair loss, and stopped hair fall because it’s Herbal.
  • We strongly recommend the youngsters to avoid to start getting white hair.

Note:  Use once in 15 days to get a darker color quickly (or) Once a month is well.



Take the right amount of indigo dye powder for your hair, in a bowl. Mix it like a paste with a little water, and very important keep it exactly 15 minutes.

Then start Rub on the scalp and hair nicely and let it (min) One hour To (max) Three hours, after take a bath with cold or warm water.

Note: Do not bath in Seegakaa (or) shampoo.

Recommend: Rub once a Month to get a darker color quickly (or) Rub once every 15 days getting Fast result