Women’s Golden Face Pack


  • The face will acquire a Golden yellow color be young and radiant.
  • Naturally wealth and health.
  • Facial wrinkles will disappear and glow.
  • Removes dark spots caused by sun exposure.
  • The cornea of ​​the eye disappears.
  • Men and women from children to adults can use it.
  • Start using before three months, sure no need for special attention about beaty tips. Particularly for bride and bride groom.
  • Your appearance always fresh and brisk.
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How to use:

Take 1/2 spoon of Face pack powder & ¼ teaspoon curd (recommended highly) + water mix like a paste. Apply face and Keep this let it dry 20 minutes. As usual gentle wash. Behalf of Curd the follows are recommended(or) Allovera gel. (or) Cucumber.(or) Tomato juice. (or) Lemon drops


  • Regularly use once a day as soon as the face gets radiant.
  • Face pack should be applied once a day.

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